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NAIFA Endorsed E&O Program

Quality E&O coverage, excellent service, and competitive rates. Start enjoying the value of membership!

The NAIFA Endorsed Errors & Omissions Program with CalSurance Associates and Aspen Insurance Company has been servicing members' E&O needs since January 1st, 2011. If you are not yet enrolled in the NAIFA Endorsed E&O Program, join your peers and enjoy the growing benefits and protections E&O coverage provides.

In addition to comprehensive E&O Coverage, the NAIFA endorsed E&O Program provides members with newsletters, monthly risk management tips & training, and exclusive additional coverages. This is delivered to you in one program with competitive pricing, coverage, and service. Take advantage of this NAIFA member benefit.

Remember!!! If your E&O program solicitation doesn't say NAIFA, it's not the NAIFA endorsed E&O program.

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Top Rated Carrier
  • Multiple Limit and Deductible Options
  • Professional Services Coverage for Life & Health Agents & Registered Reps.
  • Optional Coverages for Mutual Funds, Financial Products, P&C
  • Extended Reporting Period/Tail Coverage Available
  • Risk Management Tips
  • Newsletter Education
  • Online Purchase Available
  • Proof of Insurance Reprint Link
  • Knowledgeable Customer Care Team
  • Complimentary Coverage Extensions
  • Limits available up to $3,000,000*
    access to excess policy for those who qualify
  • Reimbursement of Expenses Coverage
  • Disciplinary Proceedings Coverage
  • Subpoena Assistance
  • Privacy Breach Assistance
  • Public Relations Extension

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